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With a view to provide a coherent scheme and uniform standards of Legal Metrology Department, the first Act namely Standards of W&M Act 1956 was enacted based on metric system and international system of units recognized by OIML ā€“ International Organization of legal metrology.

With regard to keep pace with rapid advances made in the field of science and technology all over the world, CGPM evolved a practical system of units known as SI units (Le Systeme Internation dā€™ Units) to facilitate working.

It includes seven base units, two supplementary units and about 50 devised units enimated from six primary units established by 1956 Act. The OPML, responsible for preparation of International laws ā€“ on legal metrology prepared the draft of a legislation for enactment by member countries adopting metric convention. India is one of the members of OIML- International Organization of legal metrology.