Digital custodian of government documents

Documents like Agreements, MOU’s, Bank Drafts, Bank Guarantees, etc. are important part of data management in a government setting. As a normal practice, these documents are kept in the originating file. It is difficult to remember the details of such important documents specially those having expiry date. Often, the file containing these documents lie at the bottom of the pile of new files and documents and left to the fate of their expiry, as government officials come and go as per the demand of their job duties or their transfer orders. In order to manage/control these documents and take necessary action before their lapse, Delhi e-Governance Society in collaboration with the Department of Information Technology, Govt. of NCT of Delhi has designed a unique data management tool that acts like a storehouse for all govt. documents and files, thereby removing the hassles of storing hard copies, passing them from one department to another for requisite action and risking the possibility of their lapse due to their expiry date. This data management storehouse has been named GOV-VAULT and is already in operation in the Department of Information Technology, Delhi Government.

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