Public Transport Feedback Application

Commuters, especially women & senior citizens experience deficiency in service while using public transport. Many a time auto / taxi drivers refuse to go to the desired destination; they charge excess fare, misbehave with the passengers, leaving passengers midway etc. Obviously, each and every incidence is not reported to the police. Even reported incidences are not available to public. However, there are also good experiences of commuters with auto / taxi services.

Collection of data using crowd sourcing is popular method to get feedback / information from end-user.  Crowd sourcing has been used to collect feedback from the travellers that could also be used to assess the rating of public transport.

Delhi eGovernance Society (DeGS) has developed a mobile application for android based smart phones to register the feedback of travelers using public transport vehicles like autos, taxies, buses, etc. Rating of the public transport vehicle is being done on the basis of feedback given by the commuter.

Any user who has downloaded the application in android based phone can see the feedback of a public transport vehicle given by other commuters by typing the registration number. Similarly, the user can also provide feedback for a public transport vehicle.

To encourage feedback on public transport, Delhi eGovernance Society has also provided a web link at for those not having android based phones. A commuter may note the registration number of public transport vehicle and provide the feedback using the web link.

Give Feedback Here
The mobile application is available at Google Play Store. It may searched by providing search text like “Help yourself to help others” or Public Transport Feedback or providing direct link as