About App
The objective of this public transport feedback application is to make you aware of the feedback given by other commuters. It is based on crowd sourcing. Therefore, your contribution is very important.
Your feedback on quality of service and experience may be helpful to others. What do you do when commercial transport operator charges you extra fare, misbehaves, does not charge as per meter, etc ? Just nothing, get frustrated and forget it? Generally small incidences are not reported to police. Through this application, you can give constructive direction to your frustration by providing feedback so that other travellers know about the operator. Your feedback will help others as before starting the journey, they may see your feedback and take a decision based on your feedback.
The public pressure on improving the quality of service of public transport will ultimately result in more usage of public transport.
Ultimately, the purpose is to help yourself to help others.
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Disclaimer: The information provided in this application is based on feedback recieved on various users using this application. Delhi e-Governance Society, Department of Information Technology will not be responsible for any damage, misinformation by using this application.